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imagination is sparked by an Ethrick Brown Novel. Book with images exploding from it

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book blurb ian steel
Thanks to Ian Steel, the older one age 81, who provided the illustrations for the original cover. Proof that you’re never too old to publish your first work.

Ian Steel, who now lives in Aberlady, is a self-taught artist experimenting with watercolours, oils, pencil, charcoal and pastels. He was born on the Mains Farm, North Berwick where his father worked with heavy horses as a ploughman. Art College was not a possibility and he spent his working life as a painter with W Seaton & Son. His leisure always included sketching subjects from Spanish bulls to ancient and historic buildings.

Ian was a leading figure in the drive to get the first book published and was responsible for placing the manuscript in the hands of those responsible for instigating its launch.

He has a cameo role in Judgement Day where he plays an eccentric artist with a love of Scotch whisky just like he does in real life.

His painting depicts Various landmarks which appear in the book

Top left: Kirk Ports Church, Top Centre : North Berwick Law, Top Right: Bass Rock, Middle Right: Tantallon Castle, Bottom Left: County Hotel, Bottom Middle : The Granary, Bottom Right: Benji's Boat, Centre: Ship from the Burgh of North Berwick Emblem.


The Original Painting

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