Sunday, July 21, 2019


imagination is sparked by an Ethrick Brown Novel. Book with images exploding from it

Read Scottish thrillers with great plots and laugh out loud humour

Week Winner
1 D Montgomery
 2  A Nichol, M Smith
 3  Auldhoose, D Montgomery
 4  Rollover
 5  Auldhoose, Rugby Club A
 6   J Low, M Smith
 7  Roll Over
 8  Roll Over
 9  B Millar L Smith
 10  Roll Over
 11  K Smith K Cowan D Monty
 12  A McCue
 13  C Campbell, L Shields, W Gerard
14 A Nichol
15 Roll Over
16 M Cunningham
17 J Gibson, M Brown,W Whellans, J Shiels, I Paxton, Bod, W Gerard
18 Brad Chisholm, A Nichol
19 Jamie Thomson
20 Roll Over
21 D Montgomery

 Xmas Draw

B Gray (Golf) : vodka,

County Hotel : rum,

Auld Hoose : port,

D Monty : whisky,

S. Oliver (E Linton) : southern comfort,

Golfers B: vodka,

I Paxton (050) : whisky,

S. Purves (050) : port.