Wednesday, December 08, 2021


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North Berwick Coastal and District Darts League.

Stand up if you like the darts.

I relatively new to the world of competitive darts and if I’m honest I think the only reason I was invited to join was because I stood my round at the bar. My darts skills are questionable and beyond chucking a few darts on match days I don’t spend the required hours on the dart board to improve them.

Still any excuse for a drink, so Monday night darts is a serious business and I have dedicated my efforts in other ways. The darts team have inspired my writing and provided an ideal backdrop to fashion my fictitious novels around. I sponsored the County Hotel team kit and have now taken on the role as chairman of the league. This section of the website is set aside to keep players updated on the various administrational aspects of the league.

Remember, Monday night darts is a serious business

North Berwick Whale bone darts