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imagination is sparked by an Ethrick Brown Novel. Book with images exploding from it

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Age Groups

3 December 2018

Over 45's : Auldhoose

45 & Under : Golfer's Rest


Over 45's

Qualifiers  Ist Round Quarter-Final Semi-Final Final Winner
S Scobie J Thomson J Thomson C Brown

G Higgins


S Fairful
J Thomson
A McCue G Radin
G Radin
  C Brown C Brown
  G Learmouth
  W Gerard W Gerard G Higgins
  A Nichol
  G Higgins G Higgins
  B Chisholm
  S Wood S Hunter S Faithful

S Faithful


  S Hunter
  S Fairful S Faithful
  J Arthur
  D Kerr D Kerr G Bell
  J Shiells
  C Campbell G Bell
  G Bell

G Bell 180, G Higgins 180 & 122 Check


45 and Under


Ist round Quarter-Final Semi-Final Final Winner
 T McIntyre T McIntyre   C McArthur     C McArthur         Lee Sneddon              
 J Low C McArthur  
 C McArthur
 Drummy B Hogg   B Hogg    
 B Hogg
 J Lamb J Lamb  
 L Sneddon L Sneddon   L Sneddon     L Sneddon
 D Lamb
  S Oliver S Oliver 
   Hendo J McPherson  
   J McPherson

J McPherson 180, B Hogg 140 Check