Wednesday, October 23, 2019


imagination is sparked by an Ethrick Brown Novel. Book with images exploding from it

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Rugby Club

1 April 2019

501 Best of three.

Entrants   First Round Quarter Final Semi Final Final Winner
S Minty         Fuzzy Gadge   Gadge     Gadge         S Fairfull
Joff Thomson    Gadge
C McArthur    A Nichol A Nichol  
James Macpherson    S Grieve
Michael Cunningham    C McArthur C McArthur   A Whellans    
Jim Arthur    J Arthur
 Jason Low    A Whellans A Whellans  
 Taylor Wiseman    J Low
 Andrew Whellans    S Fairfull S Fairfull   S Fairfull     S Fairfull        
 James Thomson    M Cunningham
 Lee Sneddon    S Purves J Thomson 
Steve Fairfull   J Thomson
Sheila Purves    Jof   J McPherson J Mcpherson
 Ian Paxton    J McPherson
 Alex Nichol    Minty   T Wiseman
 Jim Arthur    T Wiseman

180's L Sneddon, A Whellans