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The Bigger Picture
We all know that Gleniffer sits, No. 33 in the Paisley District numbering system , but who were the others . Our competitors , our fellow scouts , our Paisley District Group pals .
Well I suppose we have to mention the 2nd Paisley Abbey Scout Group, they were very near the beginning and very much still in vogue today.
The rest pan out as follows , do you remember any of them ?. Was you brother , dad , uncle in any of them .The Paisley Numbers were never an official number, just a local convenience.

Paisley District Scout Association - Group Numbers.

1 Kibble
2 Abbey
3 Orr Square then Foxbar then Lonsdale
4 Ralston (Vulcans) then Glenburn
5 Oldhall
6 Wallneuk then Foxbar
7 John Neilston
8 Anchor Mills then Anchor St. Matthews
9 Congregational
10 Thornly Park then St. James of Compostella
11 Wesleyan ? or Sanderling then Hawkhead
12 Oakshaw East
13 St. James
14 Ferguslie
15 Lylesland
16 St. Barnabas
17 Oakshaw West
18 Coats Memorial then Coats Foxbar
19 Thornly Park School
20 Holy Trinity then Abercorn
21 St. Mirins
24 St. Columba
25 Meikleriggs
26 Abbey Close
27 St. Georges East
28 Primitive Methodist or St James Methodist
29 St. Mary's
30 St. Peters
31 Glenburn Baptists
32 Scotscraig
33 Gleniffer
34 Sandyford (Handicapped)
35 St. Pauls
36 Latter Day Saints
37 St. Charles (Borromeo)
38 Salvation Army
39 St. Fergus
Then of course 1st Bishopton who have now gone to Renfrew Scout District .

Members from Gleniffer played a big part in St Charles, Len Riley started this group . John Hunter runs Lylesand . Ian Greenless ASL at Kilmacolm , Alistair Wallace and David Middleton spent time at Oldhall . Tom Nixon played a big part in St Georges East . John Kent played a big part in Glenburn Scout Group . Gleniffer of course came from Meikleriggs . John Cameron played a big part in Airth Scout Group. Alistair Wallace was Depute Area Commissioner for Glasgow .And many more that need to be added .