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 Duncan Campbell, my Patrol Leader

I , Alistair Wallace, aged about 10 or 11 joined the Borland Troop around spring of 1957 or
thereabouts. I walked across the road to the Lochfield School, immediately opposite my house, one
Friday night. I arrived, knowing no one and was introduced to my Scout Leader, Squire , a man
called Bull and my Patrol Leader, a Duncan Campbell.
Duncan said that we were not meeting next Friday as he was taking a patrol camp to somewhere I
had never heard of.
“What should I do?” I asked this big, big boy.
“Come with us “said Duncan.
“But I have no ‘stuff’.” I said.
“I will come and talk to your mum” replied Duncan.
And so he did, right away.
“Well Mrs. Wallace, he will need , a rucksack , sleeping bag, soap , towel, knife fork and spoon,
sheath knife , etc. etc. “
“But “said my mother, “he does not have a rucksack or a sleeping bag or a sheath knife. ”
“Any old kitbag will do, and some blankets ‘safety pinned’ down the side will suffice , I will give
him a sheath knife and we leave next Friday night at six o’clock “said Duncan.
And as he left Duncan added, “ He will need Laughing Cow Cheese, you know the little triangles,
he must have those ”
And so the adventures began. The camp was Place Farm, Kilbirnie . It was Easter and it was
freezing, so very, very cold. The tents were ancient. Duncan and his patrol talked about things I had
never heard of, especially late at night. I was still so cold when I came home on the Sunday. But I
had done it – been with the big boys, my first camp, been treated to the boot polish. It was all going
to be much better at my next camp, I could not wait.
“ Thanks, Duncan.”

Footnotes :-
1) Duncan went to the Army and did not like it.
2) Duncan’s dad Archie Campbell became the first Warden at Lapwing and was know as
Mr. Peesweep.
3) Archie’s 3 big helpers were Andy Clark , Paul Gilgallon and Don Noble, all Gleniffer
scouts .
4) Archie and the three helpers redecorated the Scouter’s room for the very first time.
5) Many, many years later when Duncan was living in Johnstone and working as a taxi
driver , he was passing Lapwing at four in the morning and saw the warden’s house
fully ablaze . He phoned the Fire Bigrade.