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Various small memories 3

It was November , I was 17 and my birthday was in December , I would be 18 soon and I still had to take a patrol camp to complete my Queen Scout Badge so I arranged one at Peesweep/Lapwing.
Squire (Adam Blake) was uncomfortable with the idea, so were the boys’ parents. It was too late in the season, in Nigers, anyway . However Squire eventually said ‘yes. Then it snowed on the Thursday night. On the Friday Squire unusually turned up to pack the gear and travelled to Peesweep to help me put the tent up and get fires and kitchens going .’ Oh’ it was a cold night. There might only have been 4 or 5 or us in that Niger. Some parents arrived on the Saturday morning to see if we were all right, so did Squire.
‘We are fine,’ we said shivering to our roots.
On the Saturday afternoon we saw a couple drive their car into Peesweep via the back gate. We hid, they got out of the car, laid a blanket on the snow and took their clothes off. I can’t remember the rest!
Totally unconnected with the adventurous couple, Squire came back up to Peesweep late and said ‘enough is enough’, and ran us home . I got my Queen Scout Badge.

The Scout badge on the wall at Stoney Brae was constructed by Mr. Andy Jobson and Mr. Gordon Foreshaw

Way back, when we had loads of fund raising dances in the Glenburn Community Centre. There are loads to remember:-
The best Halloween Costume I have every seen – Fraser Glover as Micky Mouse.
We took twelve Vodka bottles in a case to the hall to use as water jugs on the tables – we sold the water as vodka, by mistake I hasten to add.
Regular supporters were the Taylors/ Halls/ Grahams/ McNabs/ Mannings/ Harpers.
We were one of the first to move from keg beer to cans.
We were the first body in the Paisley Drinks Licence authority area to get a licence when we were not publicans.
Mrs Taylor said ‘reduce the wine glass size’ at the free bar and you will give away less – she was right.

A great fund raising idea was the collection of empty lemonade bottles. We collected 1000’s of them and then sorted them into bottles from the various companies. Unfortunately the companies would not come and collect them. Two of the winners of the ‘Collect a Bottle’ Campaign might have been Bruno (Norman Brown) and Graham Nixon .

In the 1980’s the scout section leaders had ‘a scout mother of the month’ competition . But we never reported the winner in the Domino or the Paisley Express.

In the 1960’s at a dance in the Town Hall in Paisley I remember a rotund lady walking back to her table, tripping and falling like a chopped conifer. The noise as she hit the floor stopped everything and shook the Town Hall. She did not move. Dr Erskine ran over and did things while we all looked away. The outcome I can’t remember as it was too long ago.