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Various small memories 4

The Paisley and District Scout Gang show was a great institution run over many years by Mr Sandy Thain. Not many Gleniffer Scouts took part , but Tom Nixon and Alistair Wallace had many years of involvement . The show started in the Paisley Theatre and moved to the West School when the theatre closed . The Paisley Gang Show was the last ever performance in the Paisley Theatre .

At one time the Bushes Cub Pack was a member of the 4th Paisley
( Glenburn) Scout Group . Its leaders Rhona Nickleson and Wendy McAusland had an ongoing disagreements with their Group . They asked Gleniffer if they could join us. A very delicate situation . Gleniffer arranged a meeting with the GSL (Group Scout Leaders ) of Glenburn, Mr Alistair Webster, a lovely scout man who agreed that the move would be a way forward . Gleniffer got a huge cub pack and two excellent leaders for about one hour’s work .

Gleniffer in the 80’s were riding high. Let’s have a Burns Supper . One of our leaders, Mr Terry Wilson, worked for a whisky company so we asked him if he could get us a bottle of whisky for the Raffle. He did . He brought a gross (144), of Double Doubles . Well not everybody there drank whisky. The whisky drinkers had a terrible time getting rid of them, but they tried . I am glad Tom Nixon was there. I am glad the Stoney Brae Hall was a bit remote in these days .

Fund raising – we climbed Ben Lomond with Scouts , Cub, Leaders and Parents more than once . We cycled from the hall to Largs, without a police escort or a road closure or a yellow jacket in sight. Did we come home by train? I cannot remember .

Gleniffer had a connection with Blacks of Greenock through Bob Lees. We sometime got experimental tents to trial. One was ‘The Tinker”. I do not think it went into production. Blacks’ tents early on were proofed by Mr Hugh Cochrane the man who loaned us the ground on which the hall is built.
I remember lying in the tinker tent down at the Langbank Estate (Owned by the McMillan family. The laird was an army veteran and a great supporter of youth activities ... Scouts, schools, etc . . I woke up during the night feeling something nice and warm against my back. A lamb was snuggled in under the flysheet with its back against mine. Another magic camping moment. (Ronnie Gilchrist)

Battle of Ward Toll – Ronnie Gilchrist’s dad had a log cabin at Gartmore near Aberfoyle . It had a main Cabin and two dog kennels . A group of us went up at New Year to spent 4/5 days . It was very cold, the gas had frozen solid. While asleep our lemonade froze in its bottles , the snow was deep outside. The draught coming in the front door was terrible so we placed a sleeping Alistair Hay across the door to stop the chill wind effecting the rest of us. Alistair’s name was changed to Alky Hay from that night on . We walked across country in heavy snow to the main road for Aberfoyle. The snow was so heavy there was no passing traffic on this very busy crossroads junction . So we made two teams , one to defend the Crossroad and one to attack . It was the longest and most enjoyable snowball fight I have every been in .