Wednesday, June 19, 2019


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The name “Bull” came from a week-end camp at Bridge of Weir and a secret meeting with my current girl friend who lived in Bridge of Weir. To meet up I had to cross a field which contained a placid cow. Unfortunately the cow turned out to be a far from placid bull and the incident was spotted by a so-called friend who spread the word! Hence “Bull” Mr Mclean’s son was I think a member of the scout troop and he gave us a special price! The Borland troop was formed because the Home Troop was becoming too big and we had more boys wanting to join us. The reason for the name Squire is , I am afraid , lost in the past. For health reasons I will not be able to join you for an overnight stay at the Peesweep but I hope the event will be a great success. If you do produce a magazine for the evening I would love to get copy.

I was in Lylesland cubs but a friend of mine (Watt Kilpatrick now in England and a former ASM in Home troop) was joining Gleniffer so I changed over! Squire and I were both in Home troop and when Borland troop was formed Adam Blake (Squire) became SM in Borland Troop (meeting in Lochfield School) and I became SM of Home Troop meeting in the old laundry. Borland Troop always came down at the end of the meeting to buy crisps sweets and lemonade from the Providore to help fund the Domino magazine which changed its name to the Axeman. It was edited by Peter Jackson my ASM. The cubs were asked to state a preference for which troop they joined but we tried to keep the numbers even. Home troop met in Lochfield School until we formed Borland troop and got free rent of the old laundry and boy was it cold!

A story for you -- In our first County Flag competition (which we won) I was in the hike patrol with James Foulds as PL. We reached our site for the night and noticed that our tasks formed a circular route and just down the hill was a farm. Next morning we met the farmer and dumped all heavy gear that we would not need in his barn and with light loads raced round the course. We won the hike and completed all our tasks collected our gear wrote our log at leisure (neglecting to mention the farm) and were first back at base. We won the hike!!