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Summer camp memories

Newtonmore - This was Gleniffer’s homeland in my day.

Memories of scouts making their first alter fire to last a week and expected to be cooking on it on the first day; we were Gleniffer no pop up camping or gas for us. Also the hard work of carrying all that gear down from the hill and back up to the road at end of camp. Uncle Bob Lees’ glasses, when and how would he lose or break them ?What was in that brown bag, how did it get emptied, so quickly was always a mystery? No worries always had more. All the different flavours and types of pipe tobaccos that we tried to keep the midges away. The parade down to the church on the Sunday, everyone knew we had arrived.

The start of the ”Scouter’s Supper.” This is where it was invented and was a tradition that was carried out in every camp after, it has now been adopted by Paisley & District Scouts at their camps so it is not dead. We also were known for asking for bags of ice for the “Coffee.”

The swimming in the gorge, the “safety rope” which would get you shot under H & S rules now. Do you remember jumping into the gorge from the cliffs and the next thing you would remember was being blue and standing back on the rocks? It was so cold.


Eyemouth was memorable in so many ways the camp of many firsts.
Was I the first scout leader to book a camp site in the grounds of the late Scottish Scout Commissioner at Eyemouth (Gareth I think)?
As you all know one of the problems is making sure that the scouts all wash so hence we always try to go to the local swimming baths on a day trip. You can visualise it, all the boys in the pool and the scout leader decides to depth charge them, I had just surfaced to be greeted by an angry pool attendant, who told me to get out as I was banned.
Scouter’s suppers and the crab incident, say know more to protect the CBE.
One of the great mysteries was, as per Gleniffer’s tradition, we had the scouts lined up for flag break and we were suddenly buzzed by two jets. Did the leader shout ‘duck’ and fall to the ground or did he just fall to the ground?

This was a great camp, unusual site, dangerous village, and night out for older scouts (trusted), strange inscriptions on benches, Can anyone remember what it said?
As usual we would get visits by various leaders throughout the week and Sanquhar was no exception. Only difference was as the leaders were not sure where we were, and this was before sat nav’s. Two leaders came for a visit, may have been for a couple of coffees but ended up camping in some guys front garden. In the morning they discovered us at the bottom of the track.

The invasion of the green fly. Leaders coming back from Blair straight to camp, dedication.
These are just a few of my memories; there were many camps with great leaders and a fantastic group of scouts. Friendships made during these times are still going strong. Hope some of these lines bring back a memory & smile to you.