Wednesday, June 19, 2019


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The Newbie

Having taken a break from Scouting for 4 years whilst I was at university I was nervous to get back into the movement. A spur of the moment post to the District website put me in touch with the Leader of 33rd Gleniffer Scouts– Simon, swiftly followed by the well organised Group Scout Leader – Lisa. Initial introductions by emails went smoothly, and their enthusiasm for Scouting was clear to see. And so came the first meeting, where I arrived too early and found the Scout Hut padlocked closed...not good for first time nerves.

However, a few minutes later, much to my relief the chairman arrived, swinging open to gates of the hut and unlocking the front doors. Following an initial tour and introductions, I was dropped in at the deep end - a scout game of hockey which definitely clears out your ears following a four year break.

Once the tinnitus had subdued, a program on pioneering made it clear that my knot knowledge left much to be desired, however I managed to blag my way through. I write this just before heading to my third scout meeting so I am still very new to the group.

To all the people who I have spoken to, I apologise when I inevitably have to ask your names again or where things are kept in the hut. Although my time with the group will only be short due to work, I would like to thank everyone for being so kind, approachable and for putting up with me not understand half of what you say!