Friday, March 22, 2019


imagination is sparked by an Ethrick Brown Novel. Book with images exploding from it

Read Scottish thrillers with great plots and laugh out loud humour

Writing Prompt

The prompt


small prompt

This is an optional exercise which encourages you to create a piece of work loosely based on the prompt. There are no rules except don’t make it too long. It can be poetry or prose. I enjoy writing these pieces and whilst they are in no way connected with my books, the style is often similar.

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Witchy Women

witch flying on a broomstick

This week the prompt was to write a Fantasy Piece. Aware the next book in my North Berwick series was "Witches v Zombies" Anne Marie challenged me to write a story from a witches perspective. Who was I too argue.

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Changing My Style


The prompt this week was to write in the style of a favourite author. Just have a wee go at changing your style, they said. I'm afraid it resulted in a bit of carnage down the libary. 

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