Friday, May 29, 2020


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The prompt this week was to write a prayer for someone or tell a story in prayer form. I was right in the middle of my research for my Judgement Day book which in my own inimitable style looks at religion from a Scottish approach and came to the conclusion there was only one way to tackle this.


The greatest story ever told – In prayer

Dear God. I know you have trouble at home.
your fight over Adam’s wife cost you a third of your followers.
I can see why you have a problem with adultery.
You ordered man to covet his wife but told him woman were the root of all evil.
Encouraging vilification and domination, you labelled them the weaker sex.
Your religion promoted sexist, misogynistic and patriarchal values.
You put woman below man and created inequality.
You lost Eve and controlled Mary with possessive abuse.
You took another man’s wife so he wouldn’t father her child.
What is it about other men’s wives that attracts you?
Eve and the forbidden fruit? Take a look at yourself!
Lucifer was your friend. I bet it hurt when Eve chose him?
Losing such a vision of heaven must have been hell.
Satan was the apple of her eye and that hurt you to the core.
I pray you’ll find it in your heart to forgive him.
Your feud has got a little out of hand.
What about poor Adam? Eve’s husband!
You didn’t deal with mankind very well.
Adam was a weak man and you were a bully
Cain couldn’t help being the Devil’s spawn
Man suffered because Satan stole your girl
And who didn’t you smite just too prove you were the big man.
You threw flood, famine, pestilence and disease
But man just turned the other cheek and strove for progress
The tower of Babylon could have taken man to heaven
But you knocked it down to confuse him.
You divided man, hoping to stop him
But he adapted and overcame your babel tongue.
Science, mathematics and medicine answered your vengeance and hatred.
knowledge and understanding became his quest.
He sought the meaning of life and the power of his brain.
Split personalities or schizophrenia are not unusual
But the Holy Trinity has created some devilish problems.
Your father, son and holy ghost affliction created Armageddon.
Jews don’t believe in Jesus. Catholics can’t understand why? Muslims have infidel syndrome and Protestants think they’re all mad.
The Holy Trinity has created madmen. Death, destruction and hatred, all encouraged for God.
Jews, Christians and Muslims hear different voices. Pagans, like Incas and Aztecs were exterminated, heretics were killed in their millions by the inquisition, Crusaders and Jihadists, Christians against pagans, Christians fighting Muslims, Jews warring with Muslims, brother against brother, Sh’ite against Shia, Catholics battling Protestants and so on. Jihads and crusades are still raging for you. You’re not an ideal role model.
So God I pray you fix your problems, forgive your old pal Satan and live happy, ever after, in heaven with what’s left of the angels but mainly I pray you get over being Jilted. I hope you find love and if you need to spread it, get yourself a non-ambiguous PR man or better still move to a new playground, leaving man and woman to unite and create their own heaven on earth.