Friday, May 29, 2020


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Write about the feelings induced by a 76 Million lottery win was this weeks prompt. That would be a good news story, wouldn't it?


76 Million Lottery win

The whole thing was a mess. “Dad what are you going to do about the lottery ticket”. It was on the face of it a simple question but as she gazed at her father she knew the answer was complex. He didn’t seem that interested. It was as if, he didn’t realise the enormity of the win. She knew he was busy. Primarily he was a windows salesman. As usual he was sitting and working on the best way to sell his wares. His whole world revolved around his sales but this lottery win could have implications he hadn’t considered. If only he had thought about it and seen the possibilities but his head was always stuck in his business. He had tried to palm her off with the 'let mum deal with it sketch'. “She's entitled to half of it, let her sort it all out,” was his answer but that wasn’t practical. Mum was more concerned with improving global health care, using vaccinations, in developing countries. 76 million would help the programme but that wasn’t the issue. You can’t just give 76 million away no matter how important the cause. It would lead to the usual criticism about investing assets in companies that are accused of worsening poverty or causing unwanted pollution or in pharmaceutical companies that exploit the developing world. 'Didn’t these people get the ethos of investing for maximum return?' They were on your back for the slightest thing and the angle here would be that he was using lottery winnings to relieve himself of any charitable burdens. Stealing from the poor to save him giving to the underprivileged would be the headlines. He couldn’t just give it to his children either. The family had already agreed to minimise the children’s inheritance. 76 million was much more than necessary when the plan was to give the kids only 10 million each and use the rest for global good. He couldn’t even give the ticket away or refrain from cashing it without causing upset or insult the less well off. Why did he buy a lottery ticket in the first place? Winning was always going to result in a headache. She could imagine the cries of “Why did he buy a ticket? His company must be going under? The lottery is a poor people’s fund. He stole our money. Stop buying his Windows?” Bill Gates’s daughter scratched her head and realised this was a bigger mess than Windows Millennium Edition.

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