Saturday, August 24, 2019


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This week the prompt was A magic trick. So I did one, Tommy Cooper style. 


Magical trick -Tommy Cooper

The prompt magical trick immediately made me think of Tommy Cooper. I’m rubbish at tricks too. TAM what a guy in fact we’ll take that and stick it down below. He was a master magician with a range of tricks most of which were rubbish, but he made us laugh. Remember the trick when he starts with a black rag and a white rag and he claims they change colour but he still has a black and a white RAG at the end. Take that and stick it below too. If you don’t remember the trick, Google it and Click on the results. I did. Let’s Stick CLICK and I down there too.

Right what do we have now

Tam Rag Click I

Right let’s not be COY here. So far this attempt at the prompt is as bad as Tommy Cooper’s jokes. You know the type. “My wife had a bad habit of biting her nails, but I cured her. I hid her teeth” or “Last night I slept like a log. I woke up in the fire place.” It’s worse than MR White’s last POEM, sorry Martin, I didn’t mean TO say that. Your prize rose/ pregnancy sonnet might have been worse than a Tommy Cooper trick. Sorry Martin, bold words from me, Eh! Let’s take them and stick them below too.

And that also gives us.

Coy Mr Poem To

Right shake your paper vigorously, Just like that, not like that, like that

and turn it over