Wednesday, October 23, 2019


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Following last weeks reading about the hiding place I think a few of the members might still be in shock and recovering from the macabre reading so I thought I better tober things down a bit. I think they prefer more sedate poetry and our creative writer introduced us to some 50 word fiction. The Prompt this week was "A mountain to climb" or  "Losing your bearings"

A Mountain to Climb and I’ve lost my bearings.

I Need to lighten up this week. My last effort was gruesome.

All that death and disease made a nasty wee twosome.

What can I write this week?  A rhyming poem might raise some laughs

As opposed to last week’s horrific unsavoury para-graphs.


Could try a tanka

just need five fantastic lines

Of nice dreamy words

To write a bit of nonsense

And lighten the sombre mood


Why not do some free verse, no rules or restrictions here.

No structure, no rhyme, just flowing words that will take you on a journey you might not comprehend

to a far-off place or an unknown land

But it could bring you home or get you lost and no one else would ever know

Because it will should only take you places that you know how to travel.


Poems are structured in many a way

To revel and tease you with clever word play

A limerick, A rhyme

I’ve a mountain to climb

And I think my minds gone astray


I’ve lost my bearings but poetry isn’t the direction for me. How about some fifty-word flash fiction. Thirty-one left. Is using hyphens, cheating or have I just sneaked another two words?  A Mountain to Climb in fifty words by Malky and he cheated. That could put me back on track.

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