Friday, May 29, 2020


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On my first evening the prompt was "Revealing". I didn't quite know what to expect from a writing group but the experience was good and everyone was very welcoming. I noted poetry writing was a big thing amongst some of the members and made an attempt at some 'tongue in cheek' wordplay which was supposed to be an alternative to some of the very well written, serious artful works that the others had prepared. No one was more suprised than me with the positive feedback. I'm not sure if they adopted a 'tongue in cheek' response because this piece ended up in the Tyne and Esk anthology. It confused me too, the guy who doesn't get poetry gets a poem printed by his poetry writing club peers. I think they did it for a laugh.


Revealing - First Night at the writing club

What went on at a writing club - I wasn’t really sure
But playing with words intrigued me - I was captured by the lure.
So I took the chance on an icy night - I jumped into my car
And then set off to seek out - the wordsmiths of Dunbar

I arrived to seek their secrets -In a world to me uncharted
But they’re work was underway - Before their meeting even started
I had to get there by seven thirty - And I knew I was cutting it fine
but their habit had already seduced them by seven twenty-nine.

They were keen to go - as they set out their aims
Introductions followed - But I forgot the names
They gave me a picture - Of some bread and cheese
And I got ten minutes - To write as I please

They laid bare their homework - And looked for critique
As they searched for advice - on their writing technique
They were high on discussion and mulled over prose
Without a thought of any oral over-dose

A feminist, Dunbar pirate’s viewpoint was depicted
Along with the transportation to Australia of those convicted.
Sputum, Bile and climate change got some heavy dialogue
Along with cross-dressing and Clifford the big red dog

Then it was time - For me to portray
What I thought about art - In my own special way
My picture of cheese - inspired my work
Of nightmares, doctors and my diet quirk

A good reaction as far as I could tell
I think they liked it, it went down well
All my words arranged in lines
Were inhaled like tokes in the rooms confines

Nice people was my main thought now
My initial impression was very high brow
Sonnets and poems that didn’t rhyme
But now they spoke normal and gave me their time.

And then it was over but how did I feel
Would their poems entice me to write as surreal?
Probably not but I will go back
I’ll even give writing poems a crack

Because my addiction to words is hard to conceal
And the one thing the word slingers did reveal
Was not so much about author’s tricks
But more about where I could get my fix.