Wednesday, June 19, 2019


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feed the bears

This was written in response to a piece by Colin Wills about a Japanese beauty spot which made reference to feeding yourself to the bears as a possible method for suicide. I believe Colin liked my response. He also commented that Political poetry is not that popular these days. I'm not sure why unless he's just telling stories.


Scoterando – Feed the bears.


Someone mentioned a far-off land

It’s a big Island called Japan

It’s where the black and brown bears Roam

And Snakes and sharks both call their home.


I never thought about bears in Japan

I thought of concrete cities and the tech wise man

Samurai’s and wild spaces sounded like thinks of the past

Obliterated by war and the atomic blast.


But It’s a big green place of forest and spaces

with big ugly cities in a couple of places.

where they all live packed in like sardines

With very strict rules in a social regime.


Because they’re clearing out their rural community

And forcing them into an urban obscurity.

No more farms or country life

Just big city living with all its strife.


A kamikaze attitude still exists

And before Hari Kari they tend to get pissed

It’s all socially acceptable and nobody cares

provided you don’t mess with their forest bears


Topping yourself is a glorious out

If you don’t stick your head in a big bears snout

It’s not considered a smart way to exit

In Scotland we’d reckon it’s dafter than brexit.


Japan’s a culture we don’t understand

Same as the English and their xenophobic band

They’d cleanse the non-British from out of our mist

And question Scotland’s desire to co-exist.


They’re set on clearing our immigrant community

And reinstating imperial security

No more diversity or cultural life

Just us against them and international strife.


To us it is stupid to want to get out

Like sticking your head in a big bears snout

So what happens now in Scoterando

Which in Japanese now means no place for Fernando.


No place for Zahib, Luigi, Mohammed or greta

Because living alone will make us all better.

No more Brussels rejecting desires

Just imperial England and its lost Empires.


But our socialist values will still exist

And if your name is Fernado we’ll still want to get pissed

We’re not Kamikazes because we still have cares

We don’t want to play Hari Kari with financial affairs.


So where is this forest with the euthanasia bear

Cause I want to send all the English there.

They can take their prejudices and their England out

And stick their head in a big bears snout.


Scoterando will gladly help them along

Come on the bears will be our new national song

We’ll cheer for the sharks and the big snakes too

If they’ll dine at our English barbecue.


In Japan suicide is a morally responsible action

But Scotland doesn’t believe in Europe’s abstraction

The end is nigh and our fates been configured

Now that article 50’s been triggered.


Scoterando, England and the rest of the isle

Are now locked together in a suicidal, racist bile

Save us from the English we don’t comprehend them

Feed them to the bears should be our next referendum.