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Writing Prompt

Secrets and confessions

Bank robber

This prompt was instigated in response to a Scottish book trust competition which invited writers to submit true stories revealing their darkest secrets and confessions so I gave it a whirl. It got mixed reviews when I read it out. Some thought it was good others while others got confused and missed the point. I put it down to my reading skills because they got a different perspective when they read it. I never submitted it for the competition but that wasn't because I wasn't happy with it. Technical problems with the online process resulting in a missed deadline was the main reason but maybe you should never publish the fact you robbed a bank anyway.

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The prompt this week was to write a prayer for someone or tell a story in prayer form. I was right in the middle of my research for my Judgement Day book which in my own inimitable style looks at religion from a Scottish approach and came to the conclusion there was only one way to tackle this.

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The prompt this week was "eavesdropping". I envisaged other writers coming up with stories about overhearing gossip so I approached it from the obvious angle. Well it was obvious to me.

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switch blade valentines card 

The prompt here was "an alternative valentines night" and once again I was inspired by serious poetry. The non rhyming verse brigade had been disecting a poem by Robert Lowell and examining the meaning and intrigue behind the line "each of us holds a locked razor." I couldn't help myself.

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