Tuesday, May 21, 2019


imagination is sparked by an Ethrick Brown Novel. Book with images exploding from it

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Writing Prompt



The prompt this week was to write a prayer for someone or tell a story in prayer form. I was right in the middle of my research for my Judgement Day book which in my own inimitable style looks at religion from a Scottish approach and came to the conclusion there was only one way to tackle this.

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The prompt this week was "eavesdropping". I envisaged other writers coming up with stories about overhearing gossip so I approached it from the obvious angle. Well it was obvious to me.

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switch blade valentines card 

The prompt here was "an alternative valentines night" and once again I was inspired by serious poetry. The non rhyming verse brigade had been disecting a poem by Robert Lowell and examining the meaning and intrigue behind the line "each of us holds a locked razor." I couldn't help myself.

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On my first evening the prompt was "Revealing". I didn't quite know what to expect from a writing group but the experience was good and everyone was very welcoming. I noted poetry writing was a big thing amongst some of the members and made an attempt at some 'tongue in cheek' wordplay which was supposed to be an alternative to some of the very well written, serious artful works that the others had prepared. No one was more suprised than me with the positive feedback. I'm not sure if they adopted a 'tongue in cheek' response because this piece ended up in the Tyne and Esk anthology. It confused me too, the guy who doesn't get poetry gets a poem printed by his poetry writing club peers. I think they did it for a laugh.

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