Thursday, October 24, 2019


imagination is sparked by an Ethrick Brown Novel. Book with images exploding from it

Read Scottish thrillers with great plots and laugh out loud humour

Writing Prompt

A Ghost Story


A story about ghosts. This could be a true story. The part played by the young cop is true. As for the rest of it who knows, but I do like a happy ending.

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Cinquains and Villanelles


We had a couple of weeks of Poetry madness. Not really my scene but I must admit we had a bit of fun. We had to work on very structured poems with set line counts and rhyming or repeating patterns. A Cinquain and a Villanelle I hadn't paid my subs yet and I always have a pop at the poets whenever I get the chance so............

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Don't Touch

Dont touch

This week the prompt was don't touch. A crime scene was the first thing that came to mind but with my background that's understandable. Back in 1980 CSI wasn't quite the norm but then again Glasgow wasn't a normal place so sit back and enjoy CSI Glasgow just like it was in 1980.

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Witchy Women

witch flying on a broomstick

This week the prompt was to write a Fantasy Piece. Aware the next book in my North Berwick series was "Witches v Zombies" Anne Marie challenged me to write a story from a witches perspective. Who was I too argue.

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